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Minimum Requirement:

3 years+ experience in web back-end system development using Java, Spring Boot, HTTP/REST and RDBMS (Level 4), or 3 years+ experience in web front-end application development using JavaScript, some front-side SPA design pattern/framework (e.g. Angular, Backbone.js, jQuery), HTML5, and SaSS/CSS (Level 3)
• 2 years+ experience of development for UNIX/Linux (Level 2)

Job Description:

Maintenance and development of foundation architecture components(e.g AWS service, middleware and app common functions) of mobile payment system• Working closely with the team members to deliver these components on time.
• Writing high-level and detailed technical design documents.
• Ensuring the production of quality deliverables using quality assurance methods including peer reviews and unit testing.
• Applying technical expertise to investigate and resolve issues, including critical production system problems.
• Providing technical guidance and assistance to other teams within the system such as support and consultancy services.
• Leads architecture team and support quality project management.
• Collaborates with other team leaders, providing the management layer with technical insight to upcoming implementations and strategies, including validation of ongoing solutions supportability.


Solution Architect
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