Corporate Membership


Companies who want to be a Corporate Member need to
complete the following easy steps:

1. Reach out to your MarCoPay Client Engagement Team at and/or +632 8537 0888 so you’ll get to know more of our products and services.
2. Complete the Corporate Member application form and submit all documentary requirements.
3. Qualify by passing our user screening and evaluation procedures. Sign on the Agreement Form.
4. You are now ready! Confirm receipt of your Corporate Member login details by using the App.

*It will take approximately 3-5 working days for steps 2 to 5.


For Companies in the Philippines

1. Registration Certificates with DTI, SEC or BSP
2. Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership
3. By-Laws
4. Latest available General Information Sheet
5. Secretary’s Certificate: Board or Partner’s Resolution authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the entity
6. For Financial Institutions: AMLC Issued Certificate
7. Other documents which may be requested by MarCoPay such as Business Permit, BIR Certificate, Recruitment License, and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Certificate.


For Companies outside the Philippines

Please inquire with your MarCoPay Client Engagement Team.

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